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Pan European TFM Contract

Core Client: Sony

BPM Consultants

  • Martin Bowdler
    Project Lead
  • Brian Morris
    Contract Administrator
  • Susan Dobinson
    Mobilisation and Transition overseer / PMO
  • John O’Sullivan
    Engineering advisor

Contract Detail

42 sites – 26 countries


We were approached in September 2013 by Sony Europe to offer Commercial Support and PMO services to cover a review of their FM delivery Contract which was suffering as a result of poorly conceived 1st generation outsourcing of FM services.

In essence, the FM Contract was restricting the delivery of an appropriate FM service and was not facilitating an optimum relationship between Client and Provider.


  • Analyse FM Contract strengths and weaknesses and develop future model with Sony
  • Build tender combining Sony stakeholders (Legal, Tax, Finance, HR, Procurement, Ops etc.)
  • Run RFI, RFP and Interview process
  • Oversee Contract Negotiations to conclusion (the Contract was signed by both parties prior to Mobilisation)
  • Oversee Mobilisation and Transition with new provider

Confidentiality Clause

The project is presented as an example of our activity and capability. Due to the nature of the commercial and trusted relationship with our clients, the names of the businesses have been removed (to protect privacy; intellectual property rights and theintegrity of the innocent and the guilty alike!).

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