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Core Client: Outsourced FM Service Provider & Integrity Design Management

BPM Consultants

  • Martin Bowdler, Gavin McLuskie, Michael Thomas, Carl Bailey
    Project Management

Contract Detail

Existing TFM contract


In late 2007 the organisation began a rebranding of their cable television portfolio as part of the introduction of a new combined brand, positioning them as the leading Cable TV and internet service provider in the UK. A significant investment in the development of a ‘brand bible’ detailing how the legacy organisations and property portfolio and operational model would be overhauled led to the engagement of BPM via the outsourced FM service provider to project manage the delivery of office environment rebranding.


Over a period of three years BPM consultants were engaged to manage and expedite the delivery of pilot rebranded sites, an initial £15M roll out, (which stalled due to budget re alignment), and through a process of value engineering refine a 'light touch' renovation of sites to increase the impact of an ever-reducing budget. Working in a high-tech environment, BPM's team became fluent in the specialist IT requirements of this leading-edge cable television provider, driving a 'can do' delivery model and delivering national office rebrand, relocation, and new lease projects to timeline and within budget.

Key Achievements

  • Flexible and resourceful coordination of internal and external project stakeholders in a complex cutting edge environment
  • Highly successful value engineering approach, focusing on high impact elements of the organisations brand bible to give the greatest 'bang for the buck'
  • Flexible nationwide BPM team expanded and contracted to provide optimum service as workload, stakeholders and key drivers evolved within the project lifecycle
  • Projects delivered to timeline and budget

Confidentiality Clause

The project is presented as an example of our activity and capability. Due to the nature of the commercial and trusted relationship with our clients, the names of the businesses have been removed (to protect privacy; intellectual property rights and theintegrity of the innocent and the guilty alike!).

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