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Utility Sector -Supply Chain Support

Core Client: Outsourced FM Services Provider

BPM Consultants

  • Brian Morris
    Procurement Consultant

Contract Detail

Existing TFM contract


The organisation is one of the UK’s largest energy supply companies. BPM’s client is the company’s outsourced facilities management provider which engages an extensive supply chain of specialist subcontractors to deliver services across the estate of properties. The outsourced FM services provider had extended and renewed a variety of these subcontracts and its supply chain manager required support from BPM in formalising the agreements.


BPM were engaged to create the new subcontract documents and agree the terms and conditions with the subcontractors and FM services provider. This included clarifying the scopes of services and Service Level Agreements together with creating robust Key Performance Indicators to drive efficiency in deliver of the services. BPM was also engaged to design a new performance management system for the M&E maintenance subcontract including links between KPIs and financial incentives.

Key Achievements

Subcontract agreements created for a diverse range of services including:

  • Waste collection & recycling
  • Tropical aquaria maintenance
  • Postal services

Detailed methods of valuing rebates on recyclable materials

Performance Measurement system created for M&E contracts including:

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • How they could be measured
  • Scoring system

Confidentiality Clause

The project is presented as an example of our activity and capability. Due to the nature of the commercial and trusted relationship with our clients, the names of the businesses have been removed (to protect privacy; intellectual property rights and theintegrity of the innocent and the guilty alike!).

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